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Ella and Louis: Special Japanese hybrid SACD

Ella and Louis: Special Japanese hybrid SACD

by Hajime 20. January 2007 13:06

New arrival at Eastwind Import!

One of the greatest jazz vocal albums ever recorded, this masterpiece shines with ageless charms of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Amrstrong. Recorded in 1956 with the able backing of the Oscar Peterson Trio (plus drummer Buddy Rich, who plays tastefully and unobtrusively here like a true professional), this is a quintessential jazz recording that should be part of every music lover's collection.

The First Lady of Song and King of Kazz, sharing one microphone in this intimate recording, sounds like they were having a great time, and their joy is contagious. You just can't help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy when you listen to this superb album.

This special hybrid SACD was issued in Japan 2004 as part of the Supreme Sound Edition series commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Verve label. Remastered by the top Japanese engineer Seigen Ono using the latest DSD technology, this SACD sounds more organic, analog-like, detailed and real than any other digital versions that I know of, including the SACD issued by Verve USA. Audiophiles will be amazed at how well the session was recorded way back in 1956!

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